Florida State University is hosting a Veteran Entrepreneurship Training program in October 2018, called the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV) Accelerate. EBV Accelerate is a new program designed to assist veteran owned businesses sustain and grow their success by providing experiential and interactive learning to address financial, management, marketing and strategic planning challenges that young businesses face.


•       Veteran owned business – 50% or more ownership by a Veteran

•       In business for 3 or more years;

•       Must employ 5 or more full time employees;

•       Business owner must have served active duty with honorable discharge or general under honorable conditions

Program Structure

·         Phase I – 2 weeks of structured and focused business analysis

·         Phase II – 3 day residency (Tue – Thu; Mon & Fri Travel Days) – Participants will create a personalized action plan for their business

o   Travel to location is at the candidate’s cost.

o   Lodging and meals are provided for the participant during the three days of Phase II.

o   All program learning materials will be provided at no cost to the participant.

·         Phase III – resources to support the growth of your business

Applications are due by August 24th: http://ebv.vets.syr.edu/about/ebv-accelerate/  

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