Katie Bigelow is the President of Mettle Ops and one of the Women’s Veteran Business Enterprise of the Year  Finalists. She served in the United States Army as a Blackhawk Pilot and Medevac.

Mettle Ops was created in 2013 in Sterling Heights, MI to offer these services: federal acquisition consulting and business development, engineering services, program management, and procurement.


Mettle Ops has two customer groups.  The first group is the federal government.  The market is filled with high-priced, high overhead companies attempting to cater to federal acquisition market.  As budgets grow tighter and federal oversight is more watchful, federal acquisition officers are looking for vendors who deliver high quality products and management without the exorbitant corporate “fat cat” mentality. Mettle Ops’ second customers are growing industry businesses that are trying to establish a foothold in government markets.  Mettle Ops provides consulting services to these customers to assist them in getting their products and services in government offices and ultimately assist the war fighter.

Katie Bigelow started Mettle Ops as an LLC in 2013 knowing defense contracting was the place where she could make an impact for the war fighter. She is a former Army aviator with experience in leadership and wartime operations and an in-depth perspective in US defense that she uses to make a difference.

While Mettle Ops was formed in 2013, it did not become a player in the acquisition market until August 2015.  The owner of Mettle Ops experienced the untimely death of a son in 2013 as a well as the birth of a new family addition in 2015.  These overwhelming life events caused Katie to put the start-up efforts on hold until she was wholly recovered and ready to fully vest her time in this long-term endeavor.

Mettle Ops has the expertise and equipment to meet industry demands with the unique benefits of being a small business.  Fiscal responsibility creates competitive advantage.  Mettle Ops strives to minimize overhead in order to make our service and products the best available at the lowest possible price. Our unique work environment allows for flexibility and creativity without the stifling work space so common in large business. Mettle Ops has three avenues of revenue to create stability in a fluctuating market. Engineering services, federal acquisition consulting, program management, and procurement are three avenues that work independently and complimentary resulting in diverse contract opportunities for a group of experts that are skilled in all three areas.

“It is a great honor to be part of the Women’s Veteran’s Business Enterprise of the Year. Women veterans have served our country faithfully and have acquired talents and skills to be used and developed in the business world. To be included as one of these women is a true privilege,” Bigelow said.

Lear more abut Mettle Ops by visiting their site: www.mettleops.com


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