The National Veteran-Owned Business Association is committed to our ongoing work to respond effectively to the rapidly evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency. In order to continue in our vital mission to serve our Corporate Allies and our Certified Veteran’s Business Enterprises™ (VBE/SDVBEs), we launched a survey to assess the most critical issues facing our VBEs during this time so we can work with our Corporate Allies and resource partners to provide the assistance you need to mitigate the damage to their businesses during this difficult time.

The survey collected responses from April 10 through April 30. By far, the most pressing issue facing respondents during this time is lack of business opportunities. The resounding theme was clear. Veteran-Owned Businesses are not looking for handouts, training on lending programs or employee engagement during the pandemic, just to name a few.

Rather, they were looking to keep providing value to their customers and keep their businesses and their employees working. NaVOBA asked what we and our Corporate Allies can do to help VBEs successfully navigate this difficult time and the results were clear: VBEs want access to business opportunities.

In order to keep moving ahead, NaVOBA is launching Marching Forward Mondays. This will be an ongoing series of virtual meetings with a select number of NaVOBA Certified VBEs to meet with NaVOBA’s Corporate Allies for in-depth conversations about opportunities.

This provides an excellent opportunity for Certified VBEs to share their story and emphasize the value their company can provide as a supplier.

The first step will be a training designed to drill down into how to navigate the corporate contracting arena from the perspective of professionals representing NaVOBA’s Corporate Allies including, but not limited to: Lowe’s Companies Inc., McKesson, Vistra Energy, American Airlines and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Join us on Monday, June 1, 2020 at 2:00 PM EST as we kick off NaVOBA’s Moving Forward Mondays.

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