As part of the our ongoing work to respond effectively to the rapidly evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency, the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) is strengthening its advocacy and its commitment to addressing the needs and concerns of Certified Veteran’s Business Enterprises™ (VBE) and Certified Service-Disabled Veteran’s Business Enterprises™ (SDVBE) as well as our Corporate Allies.

“We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone,” said NaVOBA President Matthew Pavelek. “Our first priority is everyone’s safety. But it’s also vital to ensure we do everything we can to minimize the negative impact on the veteran-owned business community as we work through this crisis together.”

NaVOBA’s operations will largely continue to function unchanged. We will continue to process our VBEs’ certification and recertification applications. We also will continue to accept applications for NaVOBA’s Veteran’s Business Enterprises of the Year® (VBEOY) and Best Corporations for Veteran’s Business Enterprises™ (BCVBE) programs.

In addition, we will always be available as a resource to our Corporate Allies seeking VBE suppliers for critical supplies and services.

“We want to make sure that both our VBEs and our Corporate Allies know that we’re available during this time of need now and in the future,” said NaVOBA Vice President Mimi Lohm. “Please reach out to us and let us know how we can help in any way.”

For specific contact details please visit to get in touch with the appropriate member of the NaVOBA team.

Finally, we’d like to encourage folks to visit NaVOBA’s COVID19 Response Resources page that provides valuable guidance for businesses and employers to plan and respond to COVID-19. In addition, there are links to resources from the Small Business Administration, as well as NaVOBA’s Corporate Allies, to assist small businesses with their recovery.

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