NaVOBA officially opened its annual survey honoring the best U.S. corporations working with veteran-owned businesses. This prestigious list honors the large corporations that most successfully engage the nation’s Veteran’s Business Enterprises™ (VBEs) as suppliers.

The survey runs through August 1, 2018.

The companies that earn the Best Corporations for Veteran’s Business Enterprises™ distinction will be featured in the summer issue of Veteran’s Enterprise, NaVOBA’s official national quarterly report and will receive the award at NaVOBA’s annual conference.

“NaVOBA’s efforts to identify the best big corporations doing business with veteran-owned businesses as suppliers has grown dramatically,” said NaVOBA Vice President Mimi Lohm. “Recognizing these excellent Supplier Diversity Programs brings well-deserved recognition to the exceptional job these firms do at working with America’s vetrepreneurs.”

Click Here to Begin the Survey Today.

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