VBE Spotlight on: Divergent Alliance
Matthew Moeller founded the company in 2017.
Served from 2002-2005 in the U.S. Airforce, E4
Divergent Alliance provides full service distribution of tools and safety equipment for the utility industry. They recently partnered with Hi-line Utility Supply and Colony Hardware Corp. to be able to offer single sourcing and diversity to fulfill their customer’s needs.
In early 2017, Matthew left a secure position at ComEd to go on his own with the experience that he gained in the utility industry. What kept him going through this process of starting his own business? “The incredible support from my family, friends, and mentors helped motivate me to keep pushing through each day.”
Matthew leads his business with passion and building relationships. “Everyday brings a new challenge and waking up ready to take on the day with a positive mind has helped me succeed,” Moeller said. 
The best advice that he gives new business owners is to find a mentor, build a solid business plan, be flexible with different revenue streams and believe in the people working with you to become a team. Stay true to who you are as a person. As his business has grown tremendously in the last quarter he and his team attribute their success to their passion to make a difference in the community and relationship building. “I would urge new business owners to avoid overspending and jumping the gun on things you don’t need right away. Seek advice from other business owners about the challenges they have faced and what they would have done differently,” Moeller said. 
Divergent Alliance is proud to partner with homeless Veteran Foundation, Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans, Inc. to donate a portion of our sales to them in hopes to help eliminate the struggle veterans face after they transition back into civilian life. The team at Divergent Alliance donates their time and resources to helping them {Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans, Inc.} grow their business as well. 



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