VBE Spotlight on:  RICE Security and Consulting, LLC- Founded 2012
Location: Fayetteville, NC

RICE Security and Consulting launched our Contract Management System (CMS) software in late 2017.  CMS Contractor Management System​ ​(CMS). CMS is our signature program designed and developed by our talented Information Technology Division. CMS integrates security risk management principles, vulnerability assessment and security services as part of a holistic approach as part of our Enterprise Security Risk Management methodology. The software was created internally to RICE Security and Consulting and with capabilities to:

Assets during critical and peak operational phases creating project accountability to decrease down time and revenue loss due to theft.

Technology for project managers, site superintendents and owners to provide real-time data and personnel management.

Personnel assigned to the project creating Quick Response (QR) code information to establish onsite/offsite accountability.

Meet CEO, Ricky Davis: Military Service: 1989- 2016: Command Sergeant Major, United States Army
“RICE Security and Consulting was an idea that originated in 2019 while attending the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy. I knew that retirement was in my not too distant future and I wanted to create a pathway for success in the private sector. This led me to graduate school, as I knew that achieving an advanced degree would be valuable, to shore up my military experience.”

What were the key factors in building a successful business? “I quickly realized that I could not go about this alone, having the support of family and friends was critical for me to move forward without reservations about the future. I found business mentors that would tell me the hard truth about the challenges that lay ahead and I looked to them for guidance and support. Overall, I would say that networking with business leaders was critical.  I use LinkedIn like a digital business Rolodex to keep up with industry leaders who had much more corporate experience than myself. This helped me create new ideas for business development,” Davis said.

Get in touch with RICE Security and Consulting, LLC:
E-mail: ceo@ricesecurityllc.com
Telephone:910 578 4102


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