Business: Translation Services International
Founder: Frank Semmens, served in the United States Navy from 1957-1962

Frank  told us, ” I founded the business in 1990, in Rochester, NY serving the needs of regional businesses such as Xerox, Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, Dresser-Rand and many regional technical manufacturers.”

Who we are: USA-based Translation Services International (TSI) specializes in effective communication around the world. Our team of expert translators and project managers understand language nuance and help you navigate the complex world of export markets.

Translation companies help bring the world together from something as simple as a translated street sign to  international trade documents, our mission at Translation Services International is to help our clients get their products noticed in the global marketplace. The concept of expanding beyond our borders goes hand in hand with American democracy.

“Throughout our country’s history, we’ve been in positions defending democracy worldwide. When citizens have the opportunity to open their own small businesses, or when companies can expand overseas, it’s a result of two key factors: cooperation amongst foreign nations, and breaking down the language barrier,” Frank said. 

“As the founder of TSI, and also a proud US Veteran, it’s rewarding to see that many of our great global military and political achievements has resulted in increased commerce, trade and expanded markets. It’s these opportunities that have afforded so many of us, TSI included, to thrive as an international business. It was through my time in the Navy that I had an opportunity to serve beyond our 50 states. This allowed me to experience other cultures and learn their languages, ultimately inspiring me to open Translation Services International 29 years ago,” Frank shared with us. 

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Translation Services International LLC
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