Dear NaVOBA Corporate Allies and Certified VBEs/SDVBEs,

As I write you today, our hearts are heavy with the death of George Floyd, the many others his death has come to represent and the ongoing strife and unrest in our communities. These tragic and senseless deaths have elevated the urgent need for our nation to address the challenge and obstacles placed in the way of success for diverse businesses – and most immediately those of our black community.

The motivation to create the National Veteran-Owned Business Association was spearheaded by the sincere desire to ensure that our economy was truly inclusive and the men and women who volunteered to serve and defend our freedoms were granted equal access to the American Dream. These recent events have only reinforced our devotion to strive to eliminate the prejudice, bigotry, sexism and racism that have created fundamental impediments for historically disadvantaged communities.

Anyone whose served in the military knows that America’s Armed Services community represents Americans from all walks of life. For the last four decades the women and men who’ve served have done so willingly. As an organization, we stand for kindness, empathy and respect for the individual. We believe racism is simply unacceptable. We know there is no easy answer to systemic racial inequality, but we also know that we must act and be part of the solution.

We commit to use our voice and influence as an organization to fight for what is right. As we march forward together we all must commit to stand up and speak out against things we know are wrong. NaVOBA will always endeavor to be the catalyst for change and embrace our friends and neighbors with an open heart. We know this is just the beginning, and that now the hard work begins.

Thank you for continued support and for being such an important part of our NaVOBA family.


Matthew Pavelek
NaVOBA President & CEO

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