NaVOBA’s Founding Partners are the companies on the leading edge of including marketplace and supply chain access and competitiveness for America’s Veteran’s and Service-Disabled Veteran’s Business Enterprises (VBEs/SDVBEs) through certification, advocacy, outreach, education and recognition. These firms have made the most significant contributions to the veterans’ entrepreneurship community by providing the guidance, resources, expertise and funding vital to the ongoing development of NaVOBA and its exclusive Certified VBE/SDVBE® programs.

American Airlines

American Airlines is committed to working with a diverse group of suppliers to provide with the best products and services. Through its Supplier Diversity Program, AA builds relationships with small, minority, women, disability, veteran, service-disabled veteran and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) – owned companies that perform at the industry’s highest standards.

Supplier relationships are an integral part of the business at American and they’re proud of the strong, mutually beneficial ones they’ve formed. AA seeks out suppliers who use innovation to provide solutions for current and future challenges, are committed to rigorous quality assurance, and meet their standards for the goods and services the firm buys.

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Barclays Global Supplier Diversity uses best practices in supplier diversity from across the world to shape our global strategy. Its mission is to do business with the best, for-profit, diverse entrepreneurs in the world who are diverse in size, ownership (i.e. gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic, sexual orientation, military veteran, people with disabilities) and mission such as social enterprises. Barclays aims to ensure that its procurement process remains transparent, objective and non-discriminatory in the selection of suppliers.

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Bristol Myers Squibb

Learning and growing together with small and diverse businesses worldwide is a vital part of BMS’ success. Seeking multiple viewpoints to find solutions is what drives the company to develop and deliver innovative medicines that transform lives. The company is proud of its legacy of building trusted, strategic relationships with businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, LGBT, the disabled and other diverse populations. If you’re interested in bringing your energy and ideas to the BMS table, join the Bristol Myers Squibb Supplier Diversity Program.

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Hilton was named one of NaVOBA’s 2018 Best Corporations for Veteran’s Business Enterprises® and was recognized as a Top 50 Company for Diversity by DiversityInc. Hilton was also recognized on six additional DiversityInc lists, including: Top Companies for Veterans and Top Companies for Global Diversity. Hilton strives to build supplier relationships that reflect the cultural diversity of the communities in which its customers are located.

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JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase has been fully committed to Supplier Diversity for over 24 years, including establishing positive relationships with other companies and organizations that are equally dedicated. Over the past eleven years, JPMorgan Chase spent over $15 billion with diverse suppliers. JPMorgan Chase Global Supplier Diversity’s mission is to align our supply base with our consumer bases; develop and engage with certified and qualified diverse businesses in the interest of promoting economic growth in our communities.

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At Lowe’s, creating an inclusive culture among associates is key to providing its diverse customer base with the products and services they need. Lowe’s remains focused on investing in programs that create value for its customers and the company. The Supplier Diversity Program is part of the company’s overall commitment to enhance economic development in the diverse communities it serves.

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Shell is committed to aggressively seek out and develop the resources it will need to manage the energy needs of the 21st Century. The information you need to stay current on energy trends, supply chain structure, and how to analyze your company’s potential as a supplier for Shell is on Shells supplier diversity website. If you see yourself as a future supplier for the energy industry, keep in mind that Shell is a multinational company. It is critical that you carefully prepare yourself for the level of responsibility working for Shell entails.

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USAA has a reputation of leadership in the insurance and financial services industry and is well known for its exceptional customer service. To maintain this position, USAA must maintain the best buy in terms of quality, service, competitive pricing, innovative business solutions and technology advancements for all areas of our operation. USAA strives to maintain a reputation of fairness, integrity, service and progressiveness.

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Vistra Corp

Vistra Corp is a premier, integrated power company based in Irving, Texas, combining an innovative, customer-centric approach to retail with a focus on safe, reliable, and efficient power generation. Vistra Energy is constantly looking to partner with suppliers that are innovative, reliable, and committed to quality and safety. Vistra welcomes suppliers that can assist in optimizing assets, achieving cost leadership, shaping markets, and being good stewards of the environment.

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