Nationwide Management Services, Inc. (NMSI) was founded in 2005 in Chandler, Arizona by John Marsh, CEO, who also served as a staff sergeant in the Army. He oversees the day-to-day operations of providing field contact, risk management information, and on-site inspection services to financial institutions, lenders, and loan servicing companies.

Mr. Marsh’s vision led him to create the Virtual Site Inspection a division of NMSI, which has positioned his company as the leading edge of state-of-the-art software technology for Virtual Video Verifications for the small business lending, medical providers, and suppliers industry. He envisions Virtual Site Inspection services will effectively save millions of dollars a year in the prevention of fraudulent activity. Mr. Marsh has also built a network of over 8,000 Certified Field Inspectors.

What services do you provide? NMSI provides virtual site inspections without ever stepping foot into a business. There is no app to download and we can take hundreds of photos within minutes. We provide our clients with a nine-minute training video to understand our process and then our inspectors connect to the customers phones/iPad/computer to complete the virtual tour and inspection.

Why should they choose you?  NMSI provides top notch service and high-resolution images and videos for your inspection. During this pandemic where travel and in person services are not recommended for most businesses, we can still conduct business safely and provide your company with virtual site inspections. We can look at construction sites, business verifications and medical facilities to name a few. NMSI can have multiple participants on a virtual inspection so that all parties involved can get the information they need. Participants can also access the photo gallery view within the site inspection and see each participant on the call and speak directly to one another.

Customer Testimonial: “I had the pleasure of working with John of Nationwide Management Services. I loved the fact that there was no app to download. John connected to my iPhone and all I had to do was walk around and he took the pictures. It was a seamless experience. It only took 8 minutes for him to take 66 photos. It was a great experience because of the current pandemic he could do his inspection and did not have to step foot on the property. Being a Provider for CMS, this got me thinking what a great tool to use with patients also, especially the ones that are concerned about going out of their homes during these trying times.”


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